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Terms of reservation

Reservation - is a Deposit for the selected kitten. The breeder is convinced of the seriousness of your decision, and you get a guarantee that your prospective kitten to anyone will not be offered.
The Deposit - is a non-refundable amount. Therefore, make a cash Deposit only if you are sure that You are ready to buy this kitten.

- Kittens are not sold to minors and teenagers;
- Kittens will leave the nursery only after full vaccination (at the age of 3-4 months);
- Kittens will leave the kennel only with their new owner (including when the owner lives in another city and / or country).

Read more about conditions rezervation a kitten:
1. In order to reserve a kitten, a potential buyer transfers a Deposit to a Bank card (or makes a cash Deposit) - this is part of the cost of the kitten established by the nursery - and receives a Contract for reserve a kitten. In parallel You receive from us all instructions and memos on preparation for arrival of a kitten and its contents.
2. Reserved, by agreement of the parties, the kitten is considered only when a Deposit is received for it and the breeder of the nursery and the potential buyer have issued a contract of reservation of the kitten. In all other cases, the kitten is free for sale and the nursery has the right to accept concurrent offers and may sell it to any other interested person.
3. In case of refusal of the reserved kitten or not receiving a kitten in time - the kitten will be sold to another wishing, and the amount of the Deposit is not returned. The reason for the non-return of funds - is the cost of food and care for the kitten and the refusal of other buyers to purchase it, as the reserved kitten is removed from sale.
4. In case of unjustified refusal of the cattery to transfer the properly reserved kitten to the buyer, the Deposit is fully refundable.
5. The cattery breeder reserves the right to refuse to reserve and purchase a kitten in the cattery to any potential buyer in case of doubts about its reliability and kindness (it is very important for us that kittens - graduates of our cattery - fall only into good hands).

Forms of documents for the purchase of a kitten (in Russian):

- The contract of reservation of a breeding animal;

- Kitten purchase and sale agreement.