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From forests -
to cities
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Bengal cats
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Bengal cats
According to Forbes
Bengal cat breed
included in the list of the 10 most expensive
cat breeds in the world.
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More details
Bengal cats
16 basic colors
Bengal cat breed
it has 5 color standards,
8 color isomorphs,
and a few rare colors
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Where to begin?
Interesting and important.

1). Who can't have animals?!

2). What you need to have at home before the arrival of a kitten?

3). How to treat a kitten with Smecta medication?
Guarantee of quality
The quality of the breed kittens of our cattery is confirmed by the pedigrees of cats, cats mating documents and the official certificate of the kennel.
Forum on Bengal cats
Here you can find not only interesting information, but also get good advice directly from the owners of Bengal cats.
Competent breeders
Breeders of the kennel will be happy to advise you on any issues related to the acquisition and care of Bengal cats.
Terms of payment and reservation of kittens
Payment for the kitten is made immediately before the conclusion of the contract of sale. Whereine, part of the payment is made in advance immediately before the conclusion kitten reservation contract.
Terms of delivery of the kitten
Delivery of a kitten is carried out only in the same way as you transport the relatives and friends.
Super offer!
When placing an order for the reservation of two or more kittens through the basket of the site - a discount from the nursery in the amount of 5% of the cost of kittens will be provided!
Bengal kittens to a new family!
Bengal cats are cool!
Bengal cats in the house is happiness, boundless joy and energy!
Having bengal cats is prestigious!
A Bengal cat is expensive.
Bengal kittens - are beauty and tenderness!
Purchase these domestic mini leopards in our cattery!
Bengal kittens:
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Bengal cats:
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