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Bengal cats - character

Many animal lovers wonder whether it is possible to keep such a cat in the house.

Just want to reassure them: the Bengal cat home, no more aggressive than any of its counterparts from other species. These are active, playful animals that remain playful as kittens until old age. Bengal cats (reviews of the owners confirm this), fly into the room with glowing eyes of happiness, which seemed to call on all those present to have fun with them and immediately start the game.Added to that high level intelligence, immense curiosity and the incredible charm of this pet.

And it is not surprising that Bengal cats, photos of which you can see on the website of our cats cattery, are very smart. Because of its wild ancestors for survival in the natural environment needed something more than claws and fangs.

Bengal cat character and habits is rather dog - resorts to the call of the owner, brings his toys, calling for the game, can learn various tricks. Sometimes they in this issue succeed, than cause discontent hosts. For example, when they start to open doors, taps or flush water in the toilet. They are playful to old age, catch everything that moves - from real mice to artificial.

Gather together all these qualities, and you will understand what a Bengal cat is. Description of breed can be found in all publications about animals. This pet has a high degree of socialization. They are not afraid of strangers, boldly go to meet them, study, sniff, examine. But stroking them at first acquaintance is not necessary-they can use their claws. These irrepressible "mini-leopards" at any time of the day or night ready to play. They always tend to climb as high as possible and do not like to sit in one place. Bengal cats are very fond of freedom and do not accept its restrictions. Reviews of the owners convince us of this. This does not mean that he will tear your hands to blood, just at the first opportunity to escape. Should not this behavior be attributed to the savagery of the animal, so often behave in a quite domestic cats. Cat breed Bengal, a photo of which you can see in the different sections of the website of kennel "YUSHERUS", love to do some things that other breeds are unacceptable. They are very fond of water as their wild and larger relatives leopards. Your pet will be happy to play with a trickle of water from the tap, can even climb into your bathroom. This, of course, funny, but only as long as the happy pet does not get out of the water and starts to rush around the house. Sometimes cats are so fond of water that the owners have to close the bathrooms and toilets on the lock, otherwise they independently flush the water in the toilets, open the taps.

Bengal cat character which is quite flexible (if not to take into account some small pranks), usually tied to one person selects it and considers its master. This does not prevent her from spending time and playing with all family members. These beautiful animals need close interaction with the owner, and trouble to the one who will not be able to provide it. Bengal domestic cat, when bored, begins to misbehave. She can tear things to shreds to find out what's inside, open the door to some room to determine what's hidden there. The animal likes to hide things, so the most valuable are best kept in a inaccessible place for him.

The Bengal cats are quite good-natured, usually are quiet. But if she begins to make sounds, then simple and gentle meow can not do. The range of their sounds is quite large, and over time, the owners begin to understand when their pet is hungry, when he wants to walk, and when he just bored. Cats of this breed normally get along with other Pets (including dogs). According to the owners, it can be concluded that" little leopards " should be careful to keep in families with young children. The fact is that they will be happy to play with the child, but only as long as the stupid kid will not pull their tail or moustache. It is necessary that the child was at an age when he will understand that before him – not a toy, but a living creature. The character of Bengal cats is always individual, in each case they can behave differently. But if you learn to understand this independent, proud and at the same time playful creature, you will never want to have a cat of another breed.