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CHILI TALUREL (the tomcat)

CHILI TALUREL (the tomcat)


Chili is large, important, with excellent well-defined rosettes on the sides and back, with significant spots on the stomach ))), born in St. Petersburg from a couple GICH.Praide'Ben Yurgas & Mira Chayk Beaty. The skin of CHILI LAUREL is outstanding - just like a real natural leopard - only a small, golden background with clear black rosettes. In addition to the unique color, Chili has a wonderful breed type: powerful paws - like a leopard, ears of the correct shape - which placed proportionally, sockets are located horizontally from head to back, spots on the tummy - which indicate that CHILI TALUREL is very important and solid the cat! In addition to its extraordinary appearance, Chili has an affectionate character, acute muzzle decorated with playful mustaches - which attracts cute bengal pussycats like a magnet! At the same time, Chili is constantly looking out for everyone around them so that they always remember who is the most important cat here! In the life and environment of CHILI TALUREL, everyone and everyone should behave exceptionally correctly and respectfully (except cute kitties - various pleasant options are possible here)!

Breed - Bengal cat (BEN)

Color - N24

Gender - the tomcat

Date of birth - January 07, 2021