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Delivery of a kitten to other settlements and the countries

Delivery of a kitten is carried out at the expense of the Buyer (future owner).

In cattery Bengal cats "YUSHERUS" may only be two methods of delivery of a kitten to the its future owner:

1). Owner himself, personally, comes in Russian Federation, propulsion Krasnodar on address cattery for formalizing the Treaty's purchases-sales kittenish and for his obtain - this the main and preferred way to.

2). The breeder of our cattery brings the kitten to you.

Directions pre-approved in advance of delivery of the kitten breeder cattery are settlements within the Krasnodar territory of the Russian Federation.

All other directions are subject to agreement. In case of delivery of a kitten by the breeder of cattery the buyer with breeder makes the additional agreement on delivery of a kitten, the sum which will be required for payment of such transportation is stipulated, payment before delivery is made directly. Under this, until not achieved commensurate agreement between breeder cattery and buyer, itself opportunity delivery kittenish breeder cattery left to decision the most breeder.

When the kitten is delivered by the cattery breeder, its price will unconditionally include the cost of the following items and services necessary for the kitten to move:

- Veterinary certificate form number 1 for departure

- Chipping kitten (if necessary, or at the request of the Buyer)

- Veterinary passport with all vaccinations (issued at the expense of the nursery and the shipping cost is not included)

- Metric or pedigree (for kittens "Show" or "breed" quality) - by agreement

- Container for transportation (carrying)

- Tray and filler used in the cattery

- Harness for cat (for easy transportation)

- Waterproof diapers for animals

- Bowls for food and water

- Bag with food, used in the cattery

- Toy

Also in the cost of transportation kittenish will enter the cost of fuels for car breeder (either all services, belonging in price delivery breeder on OK/Afghan or air transport (including price a ticket for the most breeder, of course). All these points will be discussed separately, after obtaining the basic consent of the breeder of the kennel for the delivery of the kitten to you.

Delivery through friends, aunts, uncles, through conductors of railway trains, through flight attendants of aircraft, by means of transport companies and by any other means WITHOUT THE OWNER OR BREEDER ARE NOT CARRIED OUT!

In cattery bengal cats "YUSHERUS" commonly realized, that future member family - pet (darling) - even to think cannot be entrust to transport to someone, except, directly, owner bengal kitten or breeder cattery.