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Pros and cons of Bengals

Pros and cons of Bengals

Cats have been around humans since ancient times. Even before our era, these cute creatures regularly carried out their "service" for the benefit of people. So, in Ancient Egypt, there was a cult of the goddess Bastet, depicted as a cat. These animals were considered sacred companions of man in the afterlife. And after their death, they were mummified along with the pharaohs.

Thanks to their hunting instinct, cats were, and are, the main rodent exterminators. But in our technology-rich age, these creatures are most likely of aesthetic interest. In this regard, there are many breeds artificially created by man.

The history of the emergence

One of these representatives is the Bengal cat breed. It was bred not so long ago, in the 1960s, the first attempts were made. A special feature of this species is the leopard coat color, for which the species was named "little leopard".

Bengal cats have their own unique characteristics, so before you buy such a pet, you need to weigh everything: the pros and cons of this breed. An extended description of the history of the appearance of this breed can be found in this article.

Pros of the breed

1). Home doctor

As strange as it may sound, cats are actually very sensitive creatures. They are extremely sensitive to changes in mood, emotional state of the owner. They may feel the approach of illness, some misfortune. There are many cases when cats felt the approach of a natural disaster: an earthquake, hurricane, flood, fire. Their behavior warned the household in advance: annoying meowing, getting in the way. They can also cure the disease, take the negative on themselves, giving the house a fertile atmosphere. You can notice that after communicating with your pet, your mood improves, there is a surge of strength, and a positive mood arises. And their sweet purr is the best relaxer.

Bengal cats are not inferior to other breeds in this, and perhaps have advantages, since the wildness of nature gene in their blood is still young, and their intuition is much sharper. Having a cat is an emotional peace of mind in the house.

2). Character

An important feature of the breed is – friendliness. They get along well with all family members and other Pets. If a baby appears in the family, the cat protects it, protects it. They can allow small children to do anything with themselves, but within reasonable limits.

Bengal cats are very attached to the owner, they can also be called "cat-dog". They are very loyal and smart. But, of course, like all cats, they have independence and a sense of self-esteem (the character of bengal cats is described in more detail here).

3). Wool

Representatives of this breed practically do not shed, and they do not need to constantly comb out, do haircuts. For them, you don't even need to spend money on buying a large number of accessories for combing, just buy a brush or a special glove – and that's it! Their fur coat always looks well-groomed, glistens, shimmers, has a so-called glitter.

4). Water lovers

They just love water. You only have to open the tap, and they are already near it. They can play with water, splash, and, of course, are not afraid to swim. Love of water is a big plus. Many breeds can't stand the washing procedure, and it takes a lot of time and effort to bathe them. And bengali cats are happy to wash at least every day.

5). Savvy

These cats are very smart and intelligent. They will not spoil furniture or textiles in the house by scratching, but only if there is a scratching post. Bengal cats can easily open doors, simple locks, Windows, and even open a water tap. Toilet training is easy.

6). Food

Problems with this bengal cats do not. The owner needs to decide what kind of food the pet will have: ready-made food containing all the necessary vitamins and trace elements, or natural food, but here you need to remember that this is a predator and wild blood flows in it.

7). Heredity

Due to the presence of genes of wild ancestors, this species is not prone to obesity, they have an excellent metabolism (despite the fact that their weight is 5-8 kg). They have a strong immune system, high endurance and a high life expectancy of about 16 years.

Cons of the breed

1). Activity

Perhaps, this minus for many will seem to be a plus, since there are active people, and there are calm ones. If your character is type 2, it is better to refrain from purchasing a representative of this type.
These tomboys need daily outdoor games, a large space. While walking, they can run away, jump into the water, climb a tree. They're hard to keep track of. The best way out is to buy a harness for walking. And be sure to set aside a few hours a day to play with these Pets.

2). Cost

To purchase a kitten, you will need to contact a cattery or professional breeders. The price for such a" small leopard " exhibition individuals will be from 700 to 1500 US dollars. A kitten without a pedigree can be purchased for up to 300 US dollars. A significant disadvantage (read more).

3). Care

The most important thing in pet care is daily cleaning of the toilet. You need to be ready to clean it every day, otherwise the cat may take offense and "take revenge" in an unnecessary place.

4). Diseases

The main health problem of bengal cats is a weak stomach and intestines. Therefore, you need to approach your pet's diet responsibly.

5). Costs

Before buying a kitten, you need to purchase household items for a new tenant:

- A bed or a house. You can equip a place to sleep yourself, using an old blanket, bedspread.
- Carrying;
- Dishes;
- Tray, filler;
- Scratching post;
- Toys;
- Harness;
- Care products.

Read more in this article.

6). Veterinarian

The Pet should be seen by a veterinarian. Timely vaccinations and examinations will improve the life and health of your pet. You will have to find time for regular visits to the doctor.


After weighing all the pros and cons, we can say that a bengal kitten is an excellent pet for both a single person and a large family. Of course, their purchase and maintenance is expensive, but everyone has the right to choose and decide what they need. And these cats will find a common language with the whole family, give a charge of positive energy and aesthetic delight for many days.

Those who are ready to buy a bengal pet should answer the following questions:

- Do you Really want to have a furry pet?
- How much time do you spend at home every day? Are you away on the weekend?
- What are you planning for your vacation? How will the pet be without you?
- Do you or someone in your family have allergies?
- Are you ready to bear the costs?
- Do you have enough patience?
- Are you ready to clean up after your pet every day?
- Can you provide your cat with regular care?

And if, after answering these questions, you decided that you are definitely ready to accept such a new family member, then your furry friend is waiting for you!