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Feeds used by the YUSHERUS bengal cats cattery

Pet food should supply it with proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, "basic" elements are used in the feed, which provide it with everything necessary.

At the same time, any permitted ingredients can be added to the feed, which can have an additional usually narrowly focused effect. So mango, papaya, yucca Shidigera, tapioca, etc., etc. appear in the feed.

However, these ingredients are in the middle or at the end of the list of ingredients and their actual content in the feed, and consequently the effectiveness, are often insignificant. The presence of such ingredients is often a justification for increasing the cost of feed. Tr is, they are added more for marketing purposes than for real benefit. In addition, the addition of each additional ingredient to the feed increases the risk of allergies or other negative reactions of the body to the ingestion of an unfamiliar substance.

Taking into account all of the above, European and Russian experts in the field of pet food production have developed pet food under the BreedEX brand, received a European certificate confirming that the recipe corresponds to the super-premium class. The main goal of the experts' work was to create a feed that would provide all the necessary nutrients for the health of pets at an affordable price.

Now that all the work on the development of such a feed has been completed, all permits have been received and the feed has entered mass production, it is, most opportunely, now on the Russian animal feed market. Especially against the background of foreign feeds becoming more expensive at times.

Cat and dog food under the Russian brand BreedEX (Bridex), is manufactured by the domestic feed manufacturer Gatchina Feed Mill. As the main meat component in the feed, laying hen and broiler chickens are used, which are grown on natural feeds of their own production. The content of meat products in the pieces of feed is more than 70%. Dyes and raw materials containing GMOs are not used in production. The plant is equipped with modern equipment of the Danish company Andritz-Sprout. Daily dry diets for dogs and cats produced at the Gatchina KKZ contain all the necessary nutrients that ensure an active life for the animal.

For reference: Gatchina KKZ was founded in 1938 and has always been one of the leading companies in the region in its industry. To date, JSC "GATCHINSKY KKZ" is a modern enterprise of the agricultural industry, which includes plants for the production of compound feeds for farm animals and birds, dry and canned cat and dog food, feed for industrial fish farming, an egg and meat poultry farm.

BreedEX – food created on the principle of "Clean label"

  • Clean label – this is the principle of creating a product using only the necessary "basic" ingredients, without adding any additional "marketing" ingredients.
  • BreedEX – this is a mono-protein feed with a basic short composition for professional pet owners. Developed by European and Russian experts in the field of pet food production. Our goal: to create a food that will provide all the necessary nutrients for the health of pets at an affordable price.