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ALMAZ (the tomcat)

ALMAZ (the tomcat)


ALMAZ - large, important, with excellent rosettes on the sides and back, with significant spots on the stomach))), was born in Krasnodar from a couple of GERMES NAPOLEON & amp; LEONARD CITY JASMINE. The skin of the ALMAZ is very elegant-imitating the skin of a natural leopard, a Golden background with clear black rosettes. In addition to the unique color, the ALMAZ has a beautiful breed type: powerful paws - like a leopard, pronounced whiskers - like an important cat, regular ears set in proportion, spots and rosettes are located horizontally from head to back, spots on the tummy-which indicate that the ALMAZ is a very important and solid cat! In addition to his outstanding appearance, ALMAZ has an affectionate character, friendly, funny and playful! At the same time, ALMAZ constantly looks after everyone around him so that they do everything right! In the life and environment of the Diamond, everyone and everyone should behave correctly... even in the games!

Breed - Bengal cat (BEN)

Color - Brown Spotted (n24)

Gender - the tomcat

Date of birth - November 11, 2014