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Castration and sterilization of tomcats and pussycats

Advantages of castration and sterilization:

• The life expectancy of sterilized animals is on average longer by 1.5-2 years;
• Sterilized animals are more calm, as a result of reduced aggressiveness, disappears restless behavior and the desire to escape. Animals become more docile and manageable;
• They lose all the hormonal issues, and you lose the loud screams, howls and meows at night, the strong-smelling footprints that cats leave on carpets, furniture and Wallpaper, and fights between males;
• Your pet will not suffer from such severe common diseases as prostatitis, pyometra, cysts and neoplasms of the ovaries, uterus and testes;
• In animals sterilized at a young age, the probability of hormone-dependent malignant breast tumors almost disappears;
• Sexual intercourse is necessary for animals only to reproduce offspring;
• Animals are deprived of the ability to think logically, they are not tormented by remorse and regret about their inability to reproduce offspring;
• In adulthood, many animals need to be castrated or sterilized for medical reasons, and the anesthetic risk (risk of anesthesia) increases dramati.

Psychology of the cat. Sexual behavior and mating.

"During foreplay, the male sniffs the female. He can sit quietly, stare at her, walk around, but if she turns in his direction, freezes and "petrifies". She can hiss and spit, and he chirps funny sounds and eventually, with her consent, squeezes her neck with his teeth and climbs on her back. His bite may look cruel, but in reality the male is only defending himself, because the female can behave exceptionally aggressively. Mating can last several minutes. Actually, the copulation lasts for a few seconds. The female screams and then turns to bite the male. She screams from the pain caused by the teeth on the male's penis, which resemble fishhooks. They have a biological meaning. These teeth stimulate receptors in the pussycat vagina, which trigger a cascade of hormonal responses that ultimately leads to ovulation. (C) Bruce Fogle, a London veterinarian with 25 years of experience.

Cons of castration and sterilization:

• Castration is performed under General anesthesia, and any anesthesia is accompanied by a certain risk to the animal's body, although not high in a healthy, young animal, but still a risk;
• Any surgical intervention in the body can be accompanied by complications, the higher the qualification of the surgeon, the less complications usually occur, but complications can also occur with a technically perfect operation.

Now a little bit about how these operations are performed. These operations are not unique and complex, but they should be performed in sterile conditions. The operation in males is to remove the testes. There are a whole lot of ways to date, and the best of them is the one that the surgeon knows best.
In pussycats, this operation is more complicated and refers to cavity operations. For sterilization, access to the abdominal cavity (through a median or lateral incision) is necessary, through which it is possible to remove the ovaries or ovaries together with the uterus. In the opinion of the veterinarian, when sterilizing female individuals, it is better to remove the ovaries together with the uterus, since there is no need in the uterus (without ovaries), it itself produces sex hormones (in small amounts) and the development of inflammation is possible.

The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions of owners who come to the consultation before the operation.

How to prepare your pet for surgery?
This operation is performed under General anesthesia and requires some preparation, namely: an 8-12-hour starvation diet. It is not recommended to give water for 4-6 hours.

How long will the pet recover after the operation?
From anesthesia, the animal departs during the first day, then it is necessary to process the seams (if any) for 10 days and prevent spontaneous licking of the seams. To do this, Your pet should wear a special postoperative blanket or collar. After removing the seams, no other special care is required.

Is it necessary to give birth for health?
No, there is no need to give birth for health.

Is it true that neutered animals get fat?
The increase in the weight of the animal after castration, which is very often feared by owners, is not a direct consequence of it, but depends mainly on the nutrition of the animal and on its genetic predisposition to fullness. Moreover, there are many superpremium class feeds created specifically for sterilized animals.

What is better to sterilize or give birth control pills to pussycat?
The answer is clear-it is better to sterilize. This is due to the fact that all manufactured pharmacological drugs are designed to stop one or two leaks in pussycats and their long-term use causes serious hormonal problems in the body and often leads to inflammatory diseases of the uterus.

We hope that this information will help You make the right decision!