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DINA (the pussycat)

DINA (the pussycat)

Dina ~ dynamics

Dina-silk, cute and indescribably energetic cat, was born in Krasnodar from a pair of I'ALEX GRAND CAT & VENERA GRAND CAT. The cat skin of Dina is very elegant-imitating the skin of a natural leopard, gold background with black spots and rosettes. In addition to the unique color, Dina has a beautiful breed type: long hoisted, pronounced podusniki, ears of the correct shape, set proportionally, spots and rosettes are located horizontally from head to back, spots on the tummy. In addition to her outstanding appearance, Dina has an affectionate character, friendly, cheerful and dynamic! Dynamics of movement is about Dina! She is constantly in motion, constantly played! Easily and willingly plays with man or other household Pets.

Its first international exhibition pussycat DINA visited in 5 and a half months. It was new to her. But despite this, in the hard struggle between the kittens, presented at the exhibition, according to the WACC system on September 21-22, 2019, she deservedly enjoyed the love of the public and showed excellent results:

- multibreed ring kittens - 3rd place

- confirmation of the title-CACP, according to the WACC classification (two estimates of judges of the international category)

Breed - bengal (BEN)

Color - black rosette on gold

Title - CACP (WACC)

Sex: pussycat

Date of birth - 01 April 2019


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