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Dina (doggie)

Beautiful gentle teenage girl. She Very smart, adventurous. Skilfully selects a manner of behavior to get approval. She funny, energetic, like many children. Affectionate, loves to play, but if the owner does not have time now, she will have fun with some toy herself. It here a very pleasant structure of wool, and want to stroke it. And that's what she needs. Expressive smart look. Beautiful little girl. Vaccinations received, antiparasitic measures carried out, undergrown, age-six months. Her name is Dina. However, dogs are easily retrained to another name. A new name is added to the old name. And then the first name is gradually removed and remains what you need. This happens in a few days, in a week. Especially among the young. Who wants such a beautiful doggie-please, she is happy to find her family. You will be rewarded with loyalty and sincere love!