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Expensive breeds of cats (according to Forbes magazine)

In January 2013, the former President of Finland Tarja Halonen received a live gift from Dmitry Medvedev: learning that both cats Halonen went to the other world, Medvedev decided to present her a new pet. The choice of the current Prime Minister fell on the kitten of the same breed as his favorite Dorofey - " Neva masquerade." Depending on the class and pedigree cost of kittens of this breed usually ranges from $200 to $700 – a lot, but for the market sale of Pets is not the limit. Forbes chose the 10 most expensive breeds of cats. Bengal cat is included in this list.

Bengal cats

Cost: $1100 - $4000 (according to Forbes)

The breed of Bengal cats comes from the Asian leopard cat. In the middle of the last century, this wild beast because of its beautiful silky skin was brutally exterminated. Young poachers sold kittens naive tourists, among whom was a resident of Arizona Gin Mill. Kitten, named Malaysia in honor of the historical homeland, in the new place felt uncomfortable. To help her pet adapt, the owner introduced her to the most common domestic cat. The couple had offspring, looking at which miss Mill decided to try herself in the field of genetics. The experiment to create a new breed lasted for decades and was completed only in 1987, when the public saw the first Bengal cat.


BUY a KITTEN for 10-15 or 30-50 thousand rubles?


In recent years, more and more people are asking questions about the high price of the Bengal cat breed.
What can we say to that? The fact that we do not come up with prices, just have a price category breed-world (see for yourself by typing the appropriate search query on the Internet)! It's not just the cat - it's exotic and very specific breed of cats, which has many advantages and also has disadvantages - breeds. Which is obliged to notify every decent and self-respecting breeder. The pros are formed exclusively from the professional cultivation of Bengal cats, and one of the downsides is the weak digestive tract - why you need proper feeding, and correct feeding Kitkat will not work - what diarrhea and sores... This is necessarily expensive food (e.g. Origen, akana), and poultry meat. Count how much money you will spend on food. Will you manage to keep such a cat? Not to mention the other costs. Bengali body does not digest bad food - it is sensitive enough for this.
A true breed Bengal cats can not cost 5-10 thousand rubles. Funny to tears to hear: "I'll buy your kitty for 10 thousand". Or: "and below 10 thousand there are kittens?"
Are you an expert to put a price? Appreciate kittens exclusively breeders and experts!
The average price of a Bengal cat kitten ranges from 35-45 thousand rubles for the soul (under castration), in breeding the price is twice and three times higher! Can not Bengal kitten cost 5-10 thousand rubles!

Bengal cat breed is one of the most expensive breed cats in the world! If You decide to have a kitten of this breed, you have to first know the category of the prices for these kittens, and if you can't buy a kitten for 30 thousand rubles, it is better to take from animal shelter the usual kitten! Or choose another breed. Not expensive.

Our cats cattery is working on the breed of Bengal cats and we invest a lot of money and put a lot of effort to achieve the best results. And we want that our work was estimated as it is necessary. Breeder-this work. And very difficult work!

Do not buy cats low prices! It will cost you either expensive treatment or shed tears!

Choice to do only You!