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What you need to have at home before the arrival of a kitten

1. Carrying bag.

Carrying bags come in different designs, different manufacturers and different materials, and all carry have their own "size". Now you can buy and insulated carrying bag (for the cold season), there are carrying bags that are folded - they are easy to fold and put in the box, the price category is presented for every taste and budget. We recommend that you take a carrying bag to grow, kittens grow quickly, and in small-sized carrying bags they will be cramped in the future. In addition, in our kennel you will not be given a kitten if You do not have a carrying bag. This is not a whim kennel is Your need!

2. Cat litter.

Just want to mention an important point - do not skimp on the tray for Pets. It is not necessary when choosing this accessory to focus only on the low price. The tray is a good pet for a very long time, almost a lifetime. Therefore, it is better to choose a good, convenient, correct option. After all, if you start problems with uncleanliness due to improper design of the tray, you have to buy one or two better options. Good and not very-very cheap tray needed in the first place, not the cat, and the owners, because they produce cleaning and support cleanliness in the house.

No need to take the smallest in length and width of the trays with the expectation that they can be placed somewhere behind the toilet, so as not to get in the way. This desire is understandable-many apartments have tiny bathrooms, I want to use centimeters of usable area to the maximum. But the little tray is suitable only for kitties who, by the way, grow very quickly. Tray length should be slightly greater than the length of the body stretched out cat (from nose to start of tail) – then it will be comfortable for the cat.

If the bathrooms for tray Pets the large size well, just not enough places, you can purchase a beautiful tray-house (there are such) and put it in the bathroom, hallway, loggias to warm, etc. This accessory is quite expensive in comparison with the tray Pets, but it does not spoil the view and the guests often do not realize what the object in front of them. Aesthetically pleasing, and the cat gets a convenient tray.

A few words about the grid. Yes, some cats learn to walk on the grid. Yes, some cats trek on safety in empty a tray entire life"and nothing." But this says nothing about how, that this option comforting for animal. A lot of cases of problems due to the tray with the grid, it does not matter, the filler is poured from the bottom or not. Those who want to risk a little to save on the purchase of the accessory and filler, it may be recalled that replacement of damaged knackered things can cost a tidy sum. It is better not to risk initially and buy a tray without a grid.

The tray should be deep. Necessarily. This is important not so much for cats, how many for owner. From a small tray all the filler will fly around, which complicates the cleaning. It is best to buy a deep tray with slightly curved sides. It is possible to pour a normal layer of filler, and do not worry that the cat will scatter everything around. If the cat is digging very hard, do not deprive him of filler, here will also come to the aid of a tray-house. One of the sides should be convenient for entry, the optimal height is 10-15 cm.

Most cats are quite supportive of the classic rectangular trays. Therefore, it is not recommended to experiment with forms if it is not necessary. Curly trays in the form of seals, fish, mice and the like creatives – it's fun, but for the pet is often uncomfortable. And clean, washing it harder. If there is a need for a tray with a round or triangular base, it is necessary to acquaint the cat with it with caution, optimally, if the usual classic version will be in her free access. Ie don't replace the tray on a different side at once, and to put in addition and give the cat to master it. And only after making sure that the cat is happy to use the toilet seat unconventional form, you can remove the old tray.

Summarize. The best option for the cat will be the usual deep tray with a rectangular base, with slightly curved sides, a little longer than her body. A good option would also be a tray-house. But the latest is worth with caution offer cats timid, nervous.

We will add that in our opinion, it is not necessary to change the shape of the tray, in a sense, ordinary tray, house tray, in that case you just brought in a kitten from our cattery. That is why look CAREFULLY to what tray the kitten is accustomed to avoid unpleasant surprises

3. Tray filler.

Before you pick up a kitten, do not forget to call the breeder of the kennel and specify what filler goes kitten, and buy this filler! From the nursery do not forget to bring some used filler. Until the kitten is used to a new place, you should only use it.

Our nursery uses wood filler-it is environmentally friendly, practical and completely free of unpleasant odors.

Silica gel filler for kittens is not recommended to use! Not only that, he rustles and the kitten can be frightened of him, so kittens sometimes try to eat him!!! And it threatens at least the kitten gastrointestinal disorders and diarrhoea. And You-a trip to the vet, spent nerves and unnecessary expenses to restore the health of the pet.

We also do not recommend absorbent fillers based on clays, various soils, limestones and the like-they are dusty! And You and the kitten that breathe!

4. Bowls for food and water.

As least bowls should be three. For dry feed, wet feed and water. Ideally, they should be more and all different in size and volume. For Water wide and deep enough for the wet food a little wider, but not deep, for dry food is wide and of medium depth.

The composition of the material from which the dishes are made:

- plastic

- ceramics (glass)

- metal

Don't recommend the dishes from plastic, it is believed that because of his cats popping up acne. Better safe than sorry, right?! It is better to protect the health of your pet or pet. And from an aesthetic point of view, plastic also loses. In addition, the cheap option will not decorate Your kitchen and dining room for pet. Especially such a pet, as Bengal cat!

5. Comb.

6. Cat food.

For the first time you buy  the same as in the cattery, the food to feed kitten, until the kitten is used to You . You can then change the food that You are going to continue to feed the kitten. But transfer the kitten to a different food should be implemented correctly. Remember that! It is important for your Bengal cat! And for You, eventually.

7. Toys.

8. Stove-bench.

9. Claw sharpener (gaming complex for cats).

All cats sharpen their claws on trees and stumps, thus not only marking the territory, but also putting in order your "manicure". In the wild, this behavior is absolutely normal feline.

Periodically scrath claws - a natural need for every cat. This process pursues two objectives: first, thus with the clutches removed old shell, their ends are sharpened; and second, the way an animal marks its territory.

Preventing the realization of this need is unwise and useless. It is best to send it "in a peaceful direction" by buying a claw sharpener, which will protect Wallpaper, furniture and other interior items from claws.

However, if you do not want to buy a claw sharpener, you are absolutely free to give a kitten for sharpening claws Your favorite furniture, Wallpaper and other things. Your pet will do this conclusion, to be sure.

Still... What kind of claw sharpener to choose?

claw sharpener are different – it can be a piece of carpet nailed to the wall or a whole game complex with couches, hammocks and other devices that are held on poles, upholstered with sisal (durable rough material that is used for the manufacture of ropes). By the way, "sisal claw sharpener" today are present in the range of almost all manufacturers of pet products – this material is ideal for the point of claws, it is moderately rough, but at the same time does not injure the claws, like synthetic fiber.

Wall corner claw sharpener, or its "flat" version, is convenient because it takes up very little space – it is ideal for a small apartment where a massive claw sharpener -house will clearly be superfluous. If your pet has chosen a particular corner, you can hang a new accessory in this place, so it will be much easier to accustom the cat to the claw sharpener.

claw sharpener "Wave" will be for your pet not only a place where you can sharpen your claws, but also a comfortable couch. "Wave" is suitable for a small kitten and an adult cat.

claw sharpener are extremely convenient, as they allow not only to put in order the claws, but also to play or relax here, and for a person they are attractive from an aesthetic point of view – this device will be a great interior decoration. Cardboard scratching posts-the main advantage-a minimum of costs. However, this claw sharpener will add you the hassle of cleaning. Sometimes significant.

For each representative of the cat family the question of personal space is of fundamental importance. No matter how cute and defenseless your pet may look, it still remains a creature striving for independence and isolation. That is why buying a house and special devices for games is not so much a whim as a necessity. After all thus can be easily organize personal territory for your pet.

Several reasons to buy a gaming complex for cats.

A variety of physical activities-it's not so much work as entertainment for your pet. The need for a variety of movements and activities inherent in the domestic representatives of the cat family by nature. These little creatures, even the laziest ones, are hunters by nature. Compact modern gaming complexes with special devices — a great opportunity for cats to frolic.

These animals - from kittens to adult cats-need their own territory. It is important for them to feel their independence. That is why the purchase of gaming complexes is the best solution, especially in urban apartments.

Complex for cats - is the development of your pet. It provides the animal with the opportunity to be active on a daily basis. This is necessary for the harmonious development of the kitten and maintain the health of adults.

How to choose a game complex for cats.

First of all, you should pay attention to the safety of products. It should be made of high-quality materials, preferably of natural origin.

It is important that the design is stable due to the correct distribution of loads, and the shape does not include sharp corners or parts.

Decide for yourself whether this" simulator " for games will include a claw sharpener. From experience we can say that this accessory is a real salvation for your furniture.

Choosing Playground, consider, that your cat will not only play, but and sleep on it, so choose such complex, where on chessboard of (bench) enough seats and for sleep. From how you choose the right Playground, and the cat will use it, everything is in your hands.


And now, when you have purchased everything, installed everything in its place and fully prepared yourself and prepared Your household for the arrival of a new member of Your family, it's time to read, study and print the following document: MEMO ON CARE OF A BENGAL KITTEN BREED (in Russian).