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BETTY YUSHERUS (the pussycat)

BETTY YUSHERUS (the pussycat)

BETTY YUSHERUS ~ is a mischievous girl

BETTY is a marble bengal pussycat skin-soft as silk. A kind, affectionate and indescribably playful kitty, was born in Krasnodar from a couple Almaz & Dina. BETTY's skin is very elegant - imitating the lines and spots of expensive natural black marble on a golden background. In addition to the unique color, Dina has a wonderful breed type: long paws, pronounced cheeks under the mustache, ears of the correct shape, set proportionally, marble spots on the back and sides, leopard spots on the tummy. In addition to her outstanding appearance, BETTY has an affectionate character, friendly, cheerful and mischievous! BETTY is always ready to chase a toy or a ball, she is always ready to climb somewhere, play and caress the owner! It is constantly on the move, constantly being played! Easily and willingly plays with adults, children or other pets.

Breed - bengal (BEN)

Color - Black Marble on Gold (n22)

Sex: pussycat

Date of birth - October 04, 2020



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