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Toffee (doggie)

A handsome boy with a very interesting character. Smart, quick to understand. Likes to reflect with a dreamy look, especially on a well-fed tummy. At the same time, his greenish-amber eyes glow with deep intelligence. It combines playfulness, mobility with reasonableness and poise. When you meet his gaze, you feel his measured meaningfulness, like an experienced wise person. Although he is only six months old. A peculiar little dog. You can immediately see that this is a reliable friend. The color is original. Light brown, almost white. Thick, pleasant to the touch, fur. Vaccinations by age are made. And the first two in 2 months, and the next. Sanitary and hygienic procedures, too. His name is Toffee. You can, of course, retrain to another name, if desired. This happens quickly. About a week. Physically developed perfectly. Toffee really wants to get into the good hands of a good, animal-loving person. A person who wants to have a very smart, beautiful, adequate dog and a good friend!