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About the cattery

Monobreed cattery Bengal cats "YUSHERUS" was founded in 2019.

We are located in the southern capital of Russia - in the city of Krasnodar.

The purpose of the Foundation of the nursery we see in the breeding of healthy, balanced, harmonious and certainly beautiful tomcats and CATS Bengal (Bengal breed of cats), while fully meeting the standards of the breed. We love the contrasting combinations of black rosettes on bright gold and silver in cats. These cats resemble real leopards and snow leopards - only small ones. We want the animals from our kennel to be worthy representatives of their breed and please people and whole families around the world. Bengal cats of our dreams - is a graceful cat or a powerful tomcat with the habits of a real wild leopard and snow leopard, with a good heart and being a true friend of man and a full member of the family.

For a long time we dreamed about how the Bengal cat will appear in our house, how we will love, groom and cherish it. Only with this breed we thought seriously about breeding cats. Only these cats are able to bring joy to any person with their wild spontaneity, energy, cheerfulness and friendliness.

With respect unto you and love for the Bengal cats, amicable family cattery "YUSHERUS".