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Meaning of the cat's actions (translation from cat language to human)

If an animal bites or scratches you, it means that the animal is attached to you.
A gentle purr with a squint, always just for the owner.
If the cat rolls from side to side, shows a belly, then he completely trusts you.
If the cat butts, pushes the head-it expresses love for the person.
Trampling on the body of the owner with your paws is complete trust.
Gifts brought for you: a strangled mouse or a trapped bird-the cat adores you and is ready to give you everything.
If the cat itself lay down on its knees - the animal loves and trusts the person.
A long cat's gaze with a squint can be interpreted as a Declaration of love.
Substitutes a furry ass for the owner-demonstrates love, trust. (Kittens always turn their backs to their mother when they meet.)
Meows to you-wants to talk or asks for food. Fluffed tail, raised up - the joy of meeting you.
Biting the hands of adoration. Cats mark things, sharpen their claws on furniture and Wallpaper - they are comfortable and safe in the house. Scolding or punishing the cat for this is useless, he does not understand what he is being scolded for, you need to wean him in a different way.
Sucking clothes, blankets and so on - the kitten was separated from his mother early, it is better to take a kitten when he is 2.5-3.5 months old.
The cat's tail is straight, its fur bristles - it is afraid, tense and ready to repel the attack.
The tail is slightly raised, hits the sides - the cat is annoyed, wants to leave
The tip of the tail trembles-interest.
The tail often, but not much moves from side to side - friendliness, joy.
Attacks the legs or hands of the lying owner, attacks from around the corner-calls to play with him.
Such games cause pain to the owners of young kittens. Kittens still do not know how to control their claws and teeth and bite, scratch very painful. Play with a kitten in a ball or an ordinary piece of paper on a string and the kitten will stop throwing itself at your feet and hands.
Evening running around the apartment - all cat breeds are nocturnal, and sleep during the day. Therefore, cats have an evening/night surge of activity, a surge of strength in nature.
The ears are vertical to the skull - the cat is curious.
He spread his ears to the sides, pressing them to his head-calling to play.
He lowered his ears to the bottom - sick, upset, guilty.
Softly, softly purrs - a sense of satisfaction, a good mood. Loudly growls in the gut - offended, dissatisfied, complaining.
He screams loudly and long - something hurts, asks for help. Wildly, furiously screams-scared, angry.
Loud, rough purring is the ultimate pleasure. Plaintive purring - pain, poor health.
The hiss is a warning of an attack. Grumbling, with a howl - estrus in the female. A soft purr, issued by the cat-mother-a warning for kittens.
The loud purring of the mother cat is a reaction to people approaching the kittens.
The cat licks you-this is quite normal, you are a member of his cat family.
Cats also like to lick places where a person sweats. Most likely, cats do not have enough salt.
Fluffy sleeps a lot - the animal does not hurt, as some owners think, cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day. The cat immediately takes your place as soon as you stand up - he wants to show you his superiority over you. Move it to another location.
The cat drinks water from the toilet bowl - in the toilet bowl, the water is constantly updated, and it is fresher and tastier than in a drinking bowl that has stood for half a day.
A four-legged friend likes to drink water from the tap - for him it is not only quenching thirst, but also a game, hunting. And the sound of dripping or flowing water causes cats great interest.
Walking on the tables is a favorite activity of cats, they study a new territory, and if there is a yummy, then the cat will be doubly happy, but you need to wean the kitten from this as early as possible. I unlearned it quickly-I put the rustling film on the table, and in the first jump the cat was so scared that now not only does not jump on the tables, but also when he hears any rustling of the package, he runs away with fright. The cat got into a bag or bag-the desire to find something delicious, it is inherent in your pet by nature. But if the cat ceases to show interest in the owner's bags, then either it is full, or it is depressed.
Buries hard their poop-this indicates the cleanliness of the cat. And it also means an instinctive action - so that other animals do not find the cat by smell.
The cat throws off various items-hunts and plays.
The cat hides in a secluded place and does not respond - this is a natural desire to retire and stay in peace and quiet. We also sometimes get tired of the hustle and bustle.
The cat is constantly begging for food - it's your fault. Apparently once you succumbed to her persuasions, a pitying look, a begging meow. Now the cat will beg constantly.
The cat buries, hides food-this is nature's instinct, so stocks are made just in case or the food did not come to the cat's taste.
The cat moves, twitches, runs in a dream, twitches its tail, Baring its teeth-it is scientifically proven that cats dream, so it may dream that it catches prey or runs away from predators.
The cat is constantly licking itself-this indicates cleanliness and the desire to preserve its own smell - the rough tongue of the cat stimulates the work of the endocrine glands, which are responsible for the release of a specific cat smell.
A cat nibbles wool balls - it's one thing when a cat plays with a ball, but if it starts to eat, gnaw, tear threads - this is a manifestation of aggression. The cat is lying on the aisle - shows who's boss, it is better not to do, and not to Lisp with the cat at this point, and drive and go, or later the cat will sit on the neck. Or, if you are a soft person, move the cat to another place.
Cats like to lie down on clean linen - that's how clean they are, they love the smell of washed things, although they themselves can be dirty at this moment. Here it remains only to hide clean linen immediately in the closet. The cat is offended - he turns away, sits with his back to you, does not respond to your call or went instead of the tray in your Slippers. Remember how you offended a friend? Pushed him, didn't play with him? There can be many reasons for resentment - cats are touchy by nature.
The cat lay down on the computer or keyboard-either warms up or wants to play and took your workplace, so that you would pay attention to it.

Of course, each cat is individual and you need to observe its habits yourself. And even then it is impossible to say with certainty: "I know my cat 100%%".