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Oscar Lenuar (the tomcat)

Oscar Lenuar (the tomcat)

Oscar Lenuar ~ French

Oscar is a sophisticated, important Bengal with excellent rosettes on the sides and back. This tomcat was born in Moscow from a champion couple CH. PITER MIRACLEMUR & CH. PRINCESSA MIRACLEMUR. Oscar's skin imitates the coloring of a natural leopard. In addition to the unique color, Oscar has a wonderful breed type: powerful paws - like a leopard, pronounced ear pads - like every important cat, ears of the right shape - which are perfectly audible and placed proportionally, clear rosettes are located on the back and sides, spots on the tummy - which indicate that Oscar is a very important, solid and a sophisticated cat! In addition to his outstanding appearance, Oscar has an affectionate character, friendly, cheerful and playful! All his kitty friends are just crazy about him! )))

Breed - Bengal (BEN)

Color - n24

Gender - кот

Date of birth - December 01, 2019

Title - champion 

Oscar's Photo Gallery: