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Vittorio Carroll Shelby (the tomcat)

Breeder: ЮШЕРУС
the kitten is removed from sale

339 USD    

380 USD
Description of kitten
  • Description of kitten
  • Characteristics of kitten

Nosy curiosity-these are the main features of this kitten!

Born in Krasnodar from a couple Brockenmoor Inguz of Wildgrace & DINA.

Beautiful spots, pronounced podusniki, ears of the correct shape set proportionally, spots and rosettes located horizontally from the head to the back and spots on the tummy - the affectionate nature of this cat is very contrasting with the wild look of its skin! This kitten is always ready to explore everything around, and if you decide to do it with him - he will be just happy!

This kitten is the owner of the brightest and most pronounced wild skin among all the kittens of its litter. This little leopard with a shiny coat will become a decoration of your home and a real friend of your family!


Breed bengal (BEN)
Color blackrosetted tabby on gold (n24)
Sex tomcat
Date of birth 11 March 2021