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Betty (the pussycat)

Breeder: ЮШЕРУС
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527 USD
Description of kitten
  • Description of kitten
  • Characteristics of kitten

Silky energy-Milota color " marble", was born in Krasnodar from a couple of ALMAZ & DINA. Full of enthusiasm and irrepressible energy, the mini copy of the leopard is a Golden background with black spots and rosettes. This kitten has very pronounced breed characteristics: long powerful paws, pronounced podusniki, ears of regular shape, set proportionally, spots and rosettes are located horizontally from the head to the back, spots on the tummy. And when it comes to games, this cat shows wonders of balancing and almost circus tricks! Energetic furry girl bengal - pussycat will be a faithful companion games your children or your personal pussycat circus! The cat is very willing to play with a person or other pets. Pussycat very funny to eat meat (growls just like a real leopard, only small) and likes to relax in picturesque poses!

Breed bengal (BEN)
Color black marble tabby on gold
Sex pussycat
Date of birth 04 Oktober 2020