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Bambi (the tomcat)

Breeder: ЮШЕРУС
the kitten is removed from sale

288 USD    

359 USD
Description of kitten
  • Description of kitten
  • Characteristics of kitten

This cat is the alpha male of this litter! This is immediately evident! He must be the first everywhere and in General-he must BE EVERYWHERE!

Born in Krasnodar from a couple ALMAZ & DINA.

Powerful paws, a thick tail, an impudent master's gaze, a stately gait, supported by pronounced podusnikami, ears of the correct shape set proportionally, with spots and rosettes located horizontally from the head to the back and spots on the tummy. The whole appearance of this tomcat suggests that it is the most important bump in your forest! It's like saying to everyone around you: "I always do what I want and everyone should do everything to make me feel good!" But if you decide to play with it, it immediately turns into a sparkling fun and vivacity silk ball! Playing with it is full of indescribable pleasure! Deep down, this kitten is full of tenderness and affection for its owners!

This little spotted leopard will become a decoration of your home or apartment and a real friend of Your family!

Breed bengal (BEN)
Color black spotted tabby on gold
Sex tomcat
Date of birth 04 October 2020