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Alice (the pussycat)

Breeder: ЮШЕРУС
the kitten is removed from sale

288 USD    

359 USD
Description of kitten
  • Description of kitten
  • Characteristics of kitten

This red - haired Milota is an almost humanly intelligent cat, born in Krasnodar from a couple of ALMAZ & DINA. The coat color imitates the color of a wild leopard - a Golden background with black spots and rosettes. But in addition to the unique color, the kitten has a beautiful breed type: long powerful paws, pronounced podusniki, ears of the correct shape, set proportionally, spots and rosettes are located horizontally from the head to the back, spots on the tummy. This cat is very affectionate, friendly, playful and sociable! Understand with one time, what the owner wants - this is about her! She was the first to learn to walk in the tray, the first to get out of the maternity cat house to explore the outside world! Miss Curiosity is very willing to play with a person or other Pets. But at the same time it her its own character and its own opinion about everything!

Watch video clips with the grown-up Alice (approximately 6-8 months after the sale)

    Breed bengal (BEN)
    Color black spotted tabby on gold
    Sex pussycat
    Date of birth 20 April 2020