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Leo Land Niki (the pussycat)

Leo Land Niki (the pussycat)

Leo Land Niki ~ clever pussycat

NIKI is a smart little angel with a clearly outlined black rosette on a white gold background. A kind, very affectionate and sociable kitty, was born in Gelendzhik from a couple of CH Leo Land Gucci & Azartis Michelle. Niki's skin is very elegant - imitating the rosettes of a natural leopard. In addition to the beautiful color, Niki has a wonderful breed type: long paws, pronounced ear pads, ears of the correct shape, set proportionally, clear black rosettes on the back and sides, leopard spots on the tummy. In addition to her excellent appearance, Niki has an affectionate character, has friendly, funny and clever! Niki understand everything at once, whether it's some prohibition or an invitation to play together!

Breed - Bengal (BEN)

Color - black rosette on white gold (n24)

Sex: pussycat

Date of birth - July 29, 2019



Photo Gallery of Leo Land Niki: