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Leon (the tomcat)

Leon (the tomcat)

Leon ~ lifeguard

Leon is a solid Bengal tomcat with excellent marble on the sides and back. This cat was born in Stavropol from a couple of CHARM TAM LEONARDO & LUNA - "PUSSY CAT". Leon's skin imitates natural marble on a light background. In addition to the unique color, Leon has a wonderful breed type: powerful paws-like a leopard, pronounced whiskers-like every important cat, regular-shaped ears-which are perfectly audible and placed in proportion, marble spots are located on the back and sides, spots on the tummy-which indicate that Leon is a very important and solid cat! In addition to his outstanding appearance, Leon has an affectionate character, friendly, cheerful and playful! At the same time, Leon has already managed to distinguish himself and become a real hero for his owners! Once he saved their lives (without any embellishments) - when the gas stove went out in the house at night from a gust of wind in the window, and the gas continued to flow through the burner, Leon was the only one who caught the smell of gas in the night and woke up the owners with his screams! But Leon is not proud of his heroism, he cheerfully and fervently swings on his swing, which the grateful owners awarded him for saving and always stands guard over home comfort and safety, just like a faithful dog - only a pet leopard! )))

Breed - Bengal cat (BEN)

Color - Brown Marble (n22)

Gender - the tomcat

Date of birth - 06 September 2020


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